Woman and dog on a walk

Cares center stage

Cares Center Stage: Outsmart Fleas and Ticks Year-Round When you think of parasites that might be harming your dog – ticks, in particular – it’s natural to associate them with warm weather. While tick season used to be primarily a spring and summer issue, with a potential break by late fall depending on where you […]

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Small dog on vet's shoulders

Health Mottos

Healthy Reminders for Your Pets and Service Pups If you’re an animal lover, you know that the more time and attention you put into a pet’s care, the more they seem to feel loved and show love in return. Just as humans experience an improved quality of life when they’re in good health, dogs in […]

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Woman petting two dogs

Home for the holidays

Tips for introducing your pup to the family. Many people across the country have adopted new puppies recently, and many more will likely do so before the year is over. As the holiday season nears, new pet owners will likely be introducing their furry friends to their human families! In addition to keeping these family […]

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